The gold dust’s so thick I’m choking on it

fairmont-001Deb and I just got back home from a few days of play in San Francisco.

It’s an easy 250-mile drive up the coast. And the radical contrast it offers to life in our little resort town is always invigorating.

After breakfast on Tuesday, we spent almost an hour wandering through Neiman Marcus, one of our usual “haunts” on Union Square.

Deb looked at an Oscar de la Renta dress with a $9,795 price tag.

Well, no…

By early afternoon, we’d had beer for me and iced tea for her at Top of the Mark on Nob Hill, then crossed California Street to the Fairmont Hotel.

We love the Fairmont. They were putting the finishing touches on it in 1906 when the great quake and fire hit. It finally opened in 1907 and has been a centerpiece of San Francisco ever since.

You’ve seen the hotel if you ever watched the 1980s TV series Hotel, with Connie Sellecca and James Brolin.

Anyway, we don’t stay at the Fairmont but love to sit in the lobby, soak up atmosphere, look at old photos displayed in the hallways, and meander through the rooftop garden and shops off the lobby.

Our “shopping” on Tuesday included my popping into Vendetta Mens Apparel & Vintage Cuban Cigars.

Cigars1_03-001You know how much I love ceegars — a LOT. And Vendetta offers a fantastic selection of pre-embargo Cuban cigars, which means all these stogies are more than 50 years old.

The cheapest is a 1956 Hoyo de Monterrey corona for $125. A 1960 Montecristo #2 will run you maybe $225.

Bruce, the owner, also sells Padrons and Partagas sticks he’s aged 15 to 20 years. Those are more in my price range, around fifty bucks.

And when you buy a cigar, Bruce’ll give you a snifter of complimentary aged rum and let you enjoy your smoke in his tiny smoking room in the back (just two seats).

Our next stop at the Fairmont was Charisma Crafts, a manufacturer and exporter of Indian home furnishings, handicrafts, gift items, and jewelry.

Deb and I looked at gorgeous silk carpets. Our favorite was $37,000, so we obviously have expensive tastes.

OK, I can hear you muttering…

“What ridiculous extravagances! How wasteful! Ten thousand dollar dresses! Three hundred dollar cigars! And who the hell needs a $37,000 silk carpet?”

I’ve got two things to say.

First, never condemn prosperity or those who spend their money on “ridiculous extravagances.” You’ll never attract wealth — whatever your definition of wealth is — if you disparage it and the people who have it.

Second, our gallivanting around San Francisco and nosing through its high-end shops was exhilarating.

Catherine Ponder talks about a young guy who prospered by “seeing gold dust in the air” wherever he went.

How great is that?

Wouldn’t we all be in a richer, more flourishing frame of mind — and more firmly on a road to success — if we stopped focusing on scarcity and started seeing gold dust in the air around us?

Our trips to Neiman Marcus, Vendetta, and Charisma this week anchored our ability to see that gold dust. It’ll come in handy when times seem particularly difficult.

And you know what’s really cool?

You don’t have to go to San Francisco to see the gold dust around you.

You can find it anywhere you look for it.

“There is gold dust in the air for me. Through definite, deliberate prosperous thinking. I now begin assimilating that gold dust. And even now I am beginning to experience gold dust results.” – Catherine Ponder

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