Damn great advice from an evil bald genius

Mobster-002In a recent email to his list, Evil Bald Genius Jon McCulloch, the most outrageous and busy direct marketing consultant to ever come out of Europe (or at least West Cork, Ireland), offered this…

“Here’s a tip for anyone who’s looking to make a bit of extra dosh, whether you’re an established business or just a teenager looking to make a few bob on the side.

“Just start asking a few business owners what they need but aren’t getting, or what their biggest problems are, what they’re doing about them, and how much it’s worth for you to fix them.

“I guarantee, most of them will be looking at these problems as if they were unassailable stone barricades set deliberately in the way of their prosperity.”

Fantastic advice! All the more fantastic because, hell, I’ve been making the very same suggestion to clients, customers, and readers for the past four or five years!

It’s a surefire recipe for success and the most perfect business model ever: find business owners’ problems and solve them, find their wants and fill them.

Simple as can be — and a strategy I’ve leaned on ever since I left Corporate America.

In fact, you can have my step-by-step formula for building that “perfect business.” Workbook, videos, audios, cheatsheet, mindmap, the whole enchilada.

You might wanna take a look for yourself…


“Don Vito Corleone was a man to whom everybody came for help, and never were they disappointed. He made no empty promises. … Don Corleone would take that man’s troubles to his heart. And he would let nothing stand in the way to a solution of that man’s woe.” – Mario Puzo, The Godfather

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