Swino’s swimming a victory lap in heaven

224214-feral-pigMy rant about pig farmers a couple’a days ago prompted somebody to alert me to the death this week of Swino, the infamous Australian feral pig.

Now there’s a news story I’d somehow missed, hidden among the items about federal shutdowns and Somalia saber-rattling.

It seems that just a few weeks back, in a single night, Swino the feral pig stole 18 beers from a campground, guzzled ’em all down, drunkenly picked a fight with a cow, and then swam a triumphant victory lap in a nearby river.

Campers who witnessed Swino’s shenanigans were left terrified, and the pig briefly became a celebrity.

Alas, today, Swino is dead.


Reports are he was likely hit by a truck.

Poor Swino.

His notoriety was so fleeting.

Thank gawd our own legacies can have a lot more positive impact.

That is, if we’re careful to leave favorable impressions on our customers, our social media friends, and fellow movers and shakers.

If we brand ourselves properly.

You don’t want to leave people with negative and laughable impressions like Swino did.

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