Mixing things up in Baghdad by the Bay

hayesDeb and I are in San Francisco this week.

We visit two or three times a year, and I’m ashamed to say that we’ve fallen into habits.

Not bad habits. Just “same ol’ thing” habits.

We invariably stay at a hotel in Union Square.

Without fail, we have dinner in Chinatown on our first night.

We faithfully have breakfast one morning at Mama’s on Washington Square, in the North Beach district.

We hit a favorite pizza joint of ours on Nob Hill every time we’re in town.

(Can you tell we eat our way through vacations?)

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Well, this time ’round, we decided to mix things up.

Our hotel is new to us, a little boutique job about a mile and a half from Union Square, adjacent to the Hayes Valley neighborhood, with which we’re totally unfamiliar.

And — egad! — our whole world has blossomed.

We spent last night strolling and exploring. And we discovered a little shop that serves a dozen or more different bread puddings!

This evening, we stumbled on a very busy German restaurant at the corner of Hayes and Laguna called Suppenkuche. Deb had a venison dish that was to die for. I had a killer meatloaf (with fried egg and bacon). And the beers were wonderful.

Someday, I’ll tell ya about the gourmet candy store we found.

It pays to wander off the beaten track occasionally.

Change it up.

Charge through life.

It makes living a lot more fun. (And helps you forget the horsecrap.)

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