Halloween hijinks with a dead cat

dead catEvery year at Halloween time, I drag out a few of my favorite monster and horror movies.

The original Dracula with Bela Lugosi is a constant. Re-Animator is always fun. And then The Exorcist, of course.

Last night, though, I watched something totally new to me — a very, very, very low-budget ($50,000) 1959 Roger Corman flick called A Bucket of Blood.

What a crazyass hoot!

It’s as much a comedic satire of 1950s “beatnik” culture as it is a horror movie.

Here’s the story in a nutshell…

A goofy busboy at a bohemian coffee house kills his landlady’s cat accidentally. Being a would-be sculptor, he hides his misdeed by covering the dead cat with clay and calling the result…well, “Dead Cat.”

His “sculpture” is a hit. Poets and art critics at the café sing praises to his work and he’s urged to create more.

Well, since this dude’s essentially talentless, he needs more living “source material” for his sculptures.

Then the hijinks begin.

This beatnik sculptor reminds me of a lotta newbie internet marketers. They’re so busy copycatting all the latest tricks and gimmicks that they leave money on the table.


They never master the sales fundamentals.

And those simple ground rules are the BIG difference between trick-or-treating someone into buying stuff or providing great value to your customer.

The rules are simple. They’re timeless. They’re guaranteed gold.

And I’ve got ’em for you free right here.

If you’re gonna copycat, you might as well copycat the great stuff that’ll actually make you money, right?

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