Finding hidden profits in the pelican poop

georgehayling-620x180-1I just made a fantastic discovery.

Amazon has a couple of George W. Haylings’ books available for the Kindle.

(If I were you, I’d hustle on over pretty quick and pick ’em up. They’re less than a buck each right now.)

Who’s George Haylings, you ask?

Well, his story just happens to be one of the greatest business and marketing yarns to come out of the Great Depression.

(By “Great Depression,” I mean the one that crapped on everybody during the 1930s — NOT the economic swamp so many struggle through right now.)

George was flat-broke and only 19 years old when he drove an old jalopy west from Detroit to southern California to find his fortune.

He hunkered down in a tent near the beach, surrounded by overly friendly pelicans.

He was armed with just a typewriter, a radio…

And one helluva’n idea.

George sold his wheels for 200 smackers. His parents and aunt sent him a little cash.

What he didn’t spend on food he used to launch a business.

Haylings loved hunting down and collecting case studies about unique business ventures.

By the light of a kerosene lamp in his tent, he wrote short reports about money-making opportunities. Then he sold them by mail through small classified ads in Mechanix Illustrated.

He published reports like…

“125 Ways to Make Money with Your Typewriter”

“Discovered! 505 Odd Enterprises”

“How to Make Money at Home”

“Profitunities: A Most Unusual Book”

“Easier Ways to Easier Dollars”

“Hidden Dollars”

“The mail order concept caught on so well,” Haylings wrote, “that I was earning $100 a week at the bottom of the blackest depression. My first girlfriend had parents who thought I might be a gangster with that kind of money! I thought that was quite a joke, but they were serious.”

After two years, George moved from his tent into a Hollywood apartment, then bought a house trailer and shifted his base of operations to Palm Springs during winters and Big Bear Lake in the summers.

He was one of the great pioneers in the mail order and information marketing businesses. And his enterprise prospered for some 50 years.

But here’s what I really find cool…

These days, with a laptop, a simple website, Paypal, and an idea, anybody with the desire can follow in George’s footsteps.

And if that particular scenario doesn’t rock your dinghy, you can get pumped about all the opportunities and business success stories Haylings shared with his readers.

I don’t care what sleazebags in Washington or Big Media tell you. There’s plenty of moola to be made out there.

The trick is taking hold of your future and shaking dollars out of it.

Thanks, George Haylings!

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