Get better sex with green M&Ms

GreenMMs-001Happy birthday to the conspiracy industry!

It was born 50 years ago today.

Yeah, sure, there’ve always been so-called “conspiracy nuts” the government and its lapdog media sneer at.

But the tragedy in Dallas a half-century ago is what really launched the conspiracy business phenomenon. And it’s still skyrocketing.

I’m not just talking JFK.

I’m talking Area 51, fake moon landings, 9/11, chemtrails, the Rothschilds, Princess Diana, all of it.

Hell, have you heard about the surprising sexual power of green M&Ms? Go ahead and look it up.

And while you’re on that, Google “conspiracies.”

You’ll find a bazillion theories, books, movies, TV series, even bus tours…

Face it. People love being “in the know.”

C.S. Lewis wrote an essay called “The Inner Ring” that explains the human craving to be part of the “in crowd” and a possessor of “secret knowledge.”

(By the way, today is the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death. Yes, he died on November 22, 1963, the same day President Kennedy was assassinated. Hmm. Did you just feel a chill, too?)

Anyway, hunt up a copy of the Lewis essay. You can find it online.

Read it this weekend.

Don’t worry. It’s pretty short, and well worth your time.

You’ll find out some very important stuff about human psychology and the desire people have for “hidden info” that only a few select individuals know.

Then think.

What “hidden info” do YOU know that can help people be healthier, happier, wealthier, safer, or wiser?

Are you sitting on knowledge you can build a microbusiness around?

What you take for granted and think everybody knows may be the “top secret data” somebody else is looking for.

Buck up and cash in on your own conspiracies.

Not ready to take the jump? Then go thee to this link…

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