Slowly pecked to death by ASKholes

asteriskI found this astonishing post on a business forum yesterday and just had to share it…

“Hello everyone, I need some help making some money online that won’t cost anything. I really need help. If any of you have some way you make money online for free please share. I don’t want any systems i’ve seen them all. Thanks…”

Gimme a break.

This dick wants to make big bucks online.

But he doesn’t wanna spend his own dough or come up with his own ideas.

Oh, and don’t bug him with “systems.” He’s already seen ’em all.

Notice he doesn’t say he’s TRIED any “systems.” That’s cuz he’s too busy having Mommy pat him on his pointy little head and feed him baloney sandwiches.

Paul Mort, of the head-banging Paul Mort Podcast, calls annoying leeches like this “askholes.” I love it.

These toads ask and ask and ask for free advice but are ungrateful when you give it to them.

They demand quick fixes to their problems but would rather pester others than do a little Google gruntwork on their own.

They’re impossible to satisfy, because they’re always looking for the Next Big Thing.

Their wallets are tight as a sphincter, but they’ll ignore your advice because they think it can’t be any good if it’s free.

Here’s my tip for the day.

Offer free advice sparingly. Sell advice often.

Value for value.

That’s a formula that’ll make you credible AND profitable.

And it’ll quickly weed the askholes outta your life.

Now go here…

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