Kick your own ass for fun and profit

kick your assI sent a tweet last week about “how to kick your own ass for fun and profit.”

And pretty quick, I got challenged by some clown to post a selfie of me kicking my own butt.

Well, as fun as that sounds, it just ain’t happening.

I’ll do this, though…

I’ll stress again that a metaphorical self-inflicted ass-whoopin’ is the only RELIABLE way to make sure you get shit done.

But where it starts is getting a real handle on what shit needs to get done.

Dan Kennedy, one of my five business advice go-to’s, wrote that “most mediocrity and unhappiness is directly linked to simply failing to clearly decide what to do.

“You’ll find that most people — including many in captain’s chairs, in business and elsewhere — are in a perpetual fog. They see their future like the visually impaired cartoon character Mr. Magoo sees the world around him. Consequently, if they move forward at all, it must be very cautiously and hesitantly, like groping in the dark.”

Today’s tip — stop groping, decide what needs doing, and start kicking ass.

This’ll get you started…

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