khaaanI’ve hadda deal with some tough neighbors in the past.

[Note to self: Tell the story about the banshee catwoman of Brentwood Circle real soon.]

But this guy in Niles, Illinois, must hold some kind’ve record.

Seems one of Norman Kazmierski’s fellow condo residents asked him to purty-please park his car between the lines in the parking lot.

Most of us would say okey-dokey and let it go, right?

Not Norm.

He pulled a “Khaaaaaan!” and went bugnutz on EVERYBODY.

He keyed cars.

He egged hallways.

He disabled the emergency sprinkler system.

He even left a few pounds of (ugh) poopie in the buildings.

No question, Norm has issues.

The biggest one is that he’s a crazyass bastard.

But that can happen if you bottle up your green monster rage too tight.

It’s always better to harness that angry energy and channel it in more creative and productive — even profitable — directions.

Easier said than done?

Nah. Check this out…


By the way, Norm moved away finally, and last I heard, the condo residents were still arguing about pressing charges.

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