I’m ashamed of what I’d do for a bagel

bagelI’ve joined Deb on a 21-day sugar detox.

Gawd help me.

When I first agreed to this, I figgered, alright, how hard can it be to cut out sweets like candy bars, berry pie, and chocolate cake?

Turns out, not too hard.

Trouble is, this detox also means cutting out my faves like bagels, scones, pretzels, sammich bread, and pasta. All that stuff is full’a refined carbs that turn to sugar in your body.

No chips.

No ketchup.

No fruit.

No booze, of course.

Sugar is in EVERYTHING! (Didja know that a whole lotta salsas, which seem healthy enough, contain sugar?)

This is Day 12.

Deb keeps telling me how great she feels.

I may be sleeping better and have a tad more energy during the day, but all I feel is deprived.

I’m ashamed of what I’d do right now for a jalapeno bagel slathered with cream cheese.

But I’ll fight on!

Just nine days to go.

After that, my system’ll be largely free of sugar and I’ll start my dietary journey anew, eating more sensibly and occasionally treating myself to sweets and refined carbs.

I know that in the long run, I’ll feel better.

I know I’ll have more vim and vigor.

I know I’ll be healthier.

Getting through the next few days is the challenge.

But I know I’ll do it and reach my 21-day goal.

How come I’m so confident?

I explain it all right here…


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