You got the ballz to be an antipreneur?

bensettleNuttin’ I love better on a sunny afternoon than emerging from my bunker, stretching out in a lawn chair, cracking open a dark beer, firing up a Nicaraguan maduro, and listening to my favorite podcasts on the ol’ iPod.

Heaven, man.

So I’m thrilled to add Ben Settle’s new, badass “Antipreneur” show to my podcast queue.

Ben’s been in the direct marketing and email game for going on 12 years, and right now, nobody else out there’s doing quite what Ben does. (If they ARE, they’re friggin’ pretenders who don’t deserve to crawl on all fours in his shadow.)

Ben’ll be loading his third episode onto iTunes in the next few days, but you really ought’a catch up with the first two.

He talks about business stuff, of course, and marketing stuff, but he also seamlessly weaves in great stories, “infotainment,” gobs of laughs, and even dating tips (if you need ’em), just like he does in his daily emails and blog posts.

If you don’t know what an “antipreneur” is — and wonder if you ARE one — be sure to check out Ben’s first show.

By the way, the show can be kinda explicit at times, so I’ll advise listener discretion.

OK, I’m off to the backyard.

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