Ask me this and I’ll have to kill you

pointed gun 2-001A quick heads-up.

I go effin nutz whenever I hear this question…

“What if somebody steals my idea or product?”

In case you’ve thought of asking it, I’m gonna save myself the time and trouble of climbing all over your ass and verbally beating you within an inch of your life. I’ll address that question right here and now and be done with it.

First, if you’re worried about people stealing your product, I’m bettin’ you haven’t created a single one yet, let alone something anybody would think twice about stealing.

Second, I’m guessing you’d rather wring your hands about the imagined theft of your precious “intellectual property” than lift your patootie out of the recliner to build a product and finally get your business launched.

Just sayin’.

Yeah, rip-off artists exist. And one might even grab your ebook or report, copy it word for word, and stick his name on it.

But here’s the lowdown…

Nobody can pinch what doesn’t exist!

So quit bellyaching about possible thieves. Instead, create something really fantastic that someone would friggin’ WANT to steal.

Produce a product so great and of such high value that unscrupulous bastards will get woodies from the very thought of making off with it.

After that, go crazy. Lose all the sleep you want worrying that somebody might someday steal your crap.

But for right now, GET SOMETHING DONE.

Here’s some help for that…

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