A sinkhole could’a ate my house!

130418-sinkhole-loo-9a.photoblog600Our neighbor Pat was the first to notice an unexplained puddle of water on our street last Wednesday afternoon.

By that evening, it had grown to the size of a small koi pond.

Thursday, the water company dropped an orange cone in the middle of the street and marked an area with colored chalk lines.

Then they announced our water service would be shut off for at LEAST five hours on Friday morning for investigation and any needed repairs.

Good god! There was some kinda water leak under our street!

I’m an expert in such potential catastrophes. After all, I’d just seen video footage of a 40-foot-wide and 30-foot-deep sinkhole gobbling down eight classic Corvettes at a museum in Kentucky.

I imagined Deb, doggie Cheyenne, our cars and house — the entire neighborhood, fer kryssakes — getting swallowed into a colossal sinkhole.

I got up early Friday to shower, potty, and do other water-related bidniz  before the men with the trucks and jackhammers arrived.

Then they came. They dug. They fixed. They filled in the hole. And they went on their way.

All in a couple’a hours.

Turns out it was only a pinhole leak in a pipe.

No biggie.

In fact, it was such a simple job, they didn’t even have to turn off our water.

My fear and panic were all for nuttin’.

Lesson learned — I wasted a lotta energy that could’ve been better used elsewhere.


I should’a followed my own advice…


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