How long can you tread water?

pier rainAn east coast friend took time from shoveling her Audi out of snow and ice to ask how Deb and I fared during the “devastating Pacific storms” of the last few days.

That’s what journalists are calling this weather we’ve had — “devastating.”

I even heard on TV that these storms were “the worst California’s experienced in three years.”

To be honest, most of California hasn’t experienced ANY storms in three years. That’s why, rain or no rain during the past week, we’re still in the middle of a drought.

Anyway, judging by some media reports, you’d think the Apocalypse had descended upon our central coast.

High winds, some pounding rain, big wave action.

They closed the piers. Some boats were damaged or even destroyed. A beachfront restaurant or two got smacked by waves (you can find some pretty spectacular YouTube videos).

But generally things were OK.

At our house, the rain gutters in the front overflowed a couple’a times. Two patio chairs tipped over.

Oh, the humanity.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Catastrophe lurks around every corner.

Today, the sun’s out and reporters are now focused on “California’s massive clean-up efforts.”

Clean-up efforts are what we do between periods of “horrible crisis.”

Big Media persuades — sometimes effectively, almost always negatively.

We can let it panic us, or we can assess situations for ourselves and move forward with our lives.

How badly are you going to let weather — or any other damn thing — set you back?

Incidentally, there are many “white hat” methods of persuasion. And they can help you tremendously, whether you’re trying to find a mate or build a business.

You might wanna check this out…

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