gawdzilla-001Can you believe we’re already heading into the summer movie season?

I remember when the Big Summer Blockbusters didn’t start coming out until Memorial Day weekend.

But no more. This year’s biggies start hitting theaters as early as April.

The second Captain America movie arrives in just a few weeks. The next Spider-Man thingamabob’ll be here in early May.

But the absolute BIGGEST of ’em all strikes May 16…


The King of All Monsters!

I was raised on the Big Green One and as a kid saw him through colossal knockdown-dragouts with King Kong, Mothra, Megalon, Ghidorah, Biollante, and even Mechagodzilla.

But the trailers for this new Godzilla flick look super-awesome.

In ye olden tymes, Godzilla stood eye-level to the tops of Tokyo skyscrapers. In this new film, he towers over entire cityscapes! Looks like he doesn’t just knock buildings over, he friggin’ STEPS ON ’EM!!

Big is cool.

Most of the time.

But focusing on it can turn your bid’niz into a steaming pile of Gamera doo-doo.

Seth Godin has pointed out that bigger (and inevitably “better”) used to be all the rage.

Then “small” happened.

“Enron (big) got audited by Andersen (big) and failed (big),” Godin said. “The World Trade Center was a target. TV advertising is collapsing so fast you can hear it. …

“Big computers are silly. … I’m writing this on a laptop at a skateboard park…that added wifi for parents. Because they wanted to. It took them a few minutes and $50. No big meetings, corporate policies or feasibility studies. They just did it.”

Yeah, small is the new cool.

Take a look.

These days, itty-bitty companies often make larger profits than the big lugs.

Small gives you flexibility to change quickly when your business model ain’t working anymore.

Small lets you spill your guts and tell the truth on your blog — and do the right thing easily.

Small means you can personally stay in touch with your customers.

If you want, you can outsource the crap you don’t like and keep your focus on product creation and other good stuff.

And there’s no better small business, in my opinion, than one you can start anytime and operate anyplace.

Small IS the new big.

Just take a look at this…


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