Unleashing the “god-thing”

god1Last Saturday, my wife and I went to a party hosted by a local winery for its club members. You know, one’a them shindigs where the members pick up newly released wines at a discount.

Anyway, it was a night of good food, complimentary glasses of merlots and chardonnays, that kinda thing…

And Deb “clicked” with a young blonde woman who was filled with high spirits (literally) and funny stories.

I enjoy drunken hilarity as much as the next guy. But after awhile, I felt as useful to their conversation as a car trunk full of chihuahuas and wandered off.

During the drive home, Deb revealed that beneath the laughter, her new friend was really hurting. The lady’s ex had left her with three kids, she’d just put the kibosh on another bad relationship, and she was feeling hopeless.

But Deb had helped her by listening and offering encouragement and some kind words.

“It was a God-thing,” she said.

“God-thing” is what Deb calls those times when preparedness and opportunity meet.

Some people refer to it as “being in the right place at the right time.”

Others might consider it a “fortunate circumstance.”

I like “God-thing.”

Whatever you call it, though, it’s about being ready to reach people with the right message at the perfect moment.

When that happens in your life or business, it’s like magic.

Acknowledge and appreciate those times.

But you CAN often help them occur with more regularity.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this…


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