Poking the naughty bits of “Think & Grow Rich”

thinkandgrowrichThere’s a chapter in Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich that nobody ever talks about.

So of course I’ve just gotta bring it up.

It’s Chapter 11, and it’s titled “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.”

Sex transmu-WHAT?

Back in 1937, Napoleon Hill himself tippy-toed around the subject.

But what sex transmutation comes down to is the power to harness your lustful thoughts and sexual energy and channel them into productive, success-oriented action.

In other words, if you gentlemen wanna find a real shortcut to winning in business, quit spanking the monkey so much.

And the same goes for you ladies. (Sorry, I can’t come up with suitable slang for female … well, you know.)

Here’s my scientific analysis of all this…

After you baste the ham, so to speak, your brain gets a high-velocity blast of dopamine, which ain’t necessarily bad, but if it happens a LOT, it can radically skew your focus and block more creative pursuits.

So knock off the sexual self-gratification and get moving toward loftier goals.

As Kramer used to say, “Become the master of your domain.”

Of course, there are other forces you can harness on the road to success, and you might try a couple of those instead…


“Every intelligent person knows that stimulation in excess, through alcoholic drink and narcotics, is a form of intemperance which destroys the vital organs of the body, including the brain. Not every person knows, however, that over indulgence in sex expression may become a habit as destructive and as detrimental to creative effort as narcotics or liquor.” — Napoleon Hill

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