How to uproot your life for no reason at all

uprootedtreeI came across this in an old issue of Reader’s Digest.

It’s a list of 12 “commandments” adapted from a 2009 book called The Richest Man in Town, by W. Randall Jones. Jones founded Worth magazine.

Pay attention to these items and you’ll radically change your life.

1. Seek money for money’s sake and ye shall not find.
2. Find your perfect pitch. (Know your strengths and weaknesses.)
3. Be your own boss.
4. Get addicted to ambition.
5. Wake up early. Be early.
6. Don’t set goals — execute or get executed.
7. Fail so you can succeed.
8. Location doesn’t matter. Success can take place anywhere.
9. Moor yourself to morals.
10. Say yes to sales.
11. Borrow from the best — and the worst.
12. Never retire.

A whole blog post could be written about any one of these all-so-true bits of wisdom.

I’ll quickly tackle just one — for now.

“Location doesn’t matter. Success can take place anywhere.”

I can count on at least three hands the number of people I’ve known who picked up and moved to “where the jobs are.”

Upstate, downstate, cross country.

They yanked their kids away from friends, uprooted their lifestyles, risked divorce, whatever…

Location, location, location.


I’m not saying that uprooting your life and moving elsewhere is something you should never do.

But don’t do it for some J-O-B.

Move because you WANT to, not because you think you have to.

These days, like Jones said, location REALLY doesn’t matter and success can happen any damn place.

You’ve just gotta think outside the box.

By the way, the best “outside the box” business start-up I know of is pretty simple. And you can make it work successfully anywhere.

You’ll find details right here…

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