Ding dong, the bastard’s dead

crow-background-game-of-thrones-hbo-series-logo-hd-wallpaper-1871581518No real spoilers ahead, but I’ve just gotta talk a sec about last night’s blockbuster episode of Game of Thrones.

Just two weeks along in this fourth season, and the series delivered a colossal whack to the side of your head.

It was a moment you’d expect in a season finale, but these glorious sons of bitches had the stones to deliver it as we’re really just getting started.

So, so satisfying.

And yet…


Sure, we got a big payoff. We saw something we’ve been dying to see for going on three years.

But at the same time, this magnificent event opened up a whole new can of creepy-crawlies, didn’t it?

WTF’s next?

That’s kinda what life’s all about, come to think of it.

There’s the expectation, the payoff (when you might not see it coming), and then the “what now?” aftermath.

That’s when you gather up whatever it is you have to gather up and start shuffling in the direction of the next payoff.

But there ARE ways to accelerate your way from payoff to payoff in life and, more specifically, in business.

And the process doesn’t have to be as messy as it gets on Game of Thrones.

Just take a look…


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