My weekend with a Nebari prostitute


Got home late last night from three days of geeky goodness at WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim.

This sucker’s grown twice the size it was just two years ago. And if space were available, I bet it’d give San Diego Comic-Con a real run for its money pretty quick.

Just a few of my favorite moments…

* Bill Paxton leaning into a stage microphone and grunting “Hail Hydra!” (He was there to promote the upcoming summer movie Edge of Tomorrow.)

* Rounding a corner in the exhibit hall and bumping into the adorable Gigi Edgley, who played the elfin Nebari thief and sometimes prostitute Chiana on TV’s Farscape.

* Attending a presentation by director Gareth Edwards of exclusive footage from his new Godzilla, which hits theaters next month. (The movie looks AWESOME, by the way, and the audience went nutz.)

* Meeting up with Facebook friend Joey, whose path I first crossed in 2012 at the Tarzan centennial celebration in L.A.

It was a great weekend for me.

And I’m sure it was a great weekend for the hundreds of writers, illustrators, publishers, and film creators who got to connect, promote their work, and exchange business cards.

Thing is, you don’t need a WonderCon crowd of tens of thousands to connect with others effectively and build your business dreams.

There are, in fact, much simpler ways.

You can find some of them right here…

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