The “House of Cards” Business School

underwood_francis_j_8839Deb and I finished watching the second season of the Netflix series “House of Cards” last week.

Holy crap!

Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is Richard II, Professor Moriarty, and Fu Manchu rolled into one.

(And face it, his wife Claire’s a modern day Lady Macbeth.)

In just 26 episodes, Frank’s shattered careers, crushed relationships, even murdered a couple’a people — all for the sake of ambition.

He’s a well-oiled, power-hungry machine.

He personifies everything I hate about politicians and bureaucrats.

But he’s so friggin’ charming!

And as immoral and unethical his strategies and tactics are, you can’t fault their effectiveness.

You find a lotta Frank Underwoods lurking around the internet, peddling phony fast-cash schemes and “black hat” business methods.

And they can be pretty damn charming and persuasive.

But didja know that there are ways to persuade people morally and ethically and still earn a very nice living?

Check this out…

“The best thing about human beings is that they stack so neatly.” — Frank Underwood

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