Big G kicks crap out of the pregnant iguana

retro-godzilla-2014-posterLegendary Pictures and Warner Bros have announced they’ll continue their Godzilla franchise.

So whadja expect?

Holy smokes, the new Godzilla movie — released 60 years after Toho’s original “Gojira” — made a skyscraper-crushing $200 million worldwide during its first weekend.

A sequel’s a no-brainer.

I’ve been a Big G fan ever since I first nagged my mom to take me to see “King Kong vs. Godzilla.” (I regret now how much the poor woman probably suffered, unaware as she was about the ways of kaiju.)

I own at least 17 of Toho’s Godzilla movies on DVD, which I watch regularly.

I collect the Godzilla graphic novels.

I listen faithfully to Kyle Yount’s indispensable Kaijucast podcast.

Yeah, I’m a total fanboy for the big fella.

So what’d I think of this new take on him?

Loved it!

This is the movie I hoped for in 1998, when it turned out Matthew Broderick was just being chased by a giant, pregnant iguana.

THIS Godzilla is truly the King of the Monsters — majestic, badass, and heroic. (Godzilla’s heroism is something that’s surprised some newbies, but it’s in sync with many of the old Japanese films.)

Sure, men in rubber suits will always trump CGI monsters for me. I’m a sentimental guy. But when G finally unleashes his firebreath in the new movie — and there’s a real “fire in the hole” moment that has to be seen to be believed — it’s awesome-squared.

If you were raised on this kinda stuff, you must see this new movie.

And if you weren’t, and wanna see what everybody’s talking about this week, give it a shot. You might be pleasantly bowled over.

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