The bitch is back

MilesDavis20_346181151-002I was just a punk a-hole when I first heard about Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew album.

And I was told that if you didn’t dig “The Brew,” you just didn’t appreciate great music.

It was unconventional.

It was improvisational.

It was revolutionary.

It was a “turning point” in modern jazz.

You just HAD to hear it and love it.

I was a deadbeat college kid at the time, but I dug around in a desk drawer and scraped up some loose change and bought a copy of the damn thing. (It was a vinyl double-LP, not cheap back then.)

I listened to Bitches Brew.

And I listened to it again.

And then I kept listening to it.

And I thought, “WTF?”

I didn’t get it.

The album ended up buried in the back of a closet with a lotta other old vinyl.

OK, jump ahead 25 years.

A pal of mine hands me a CD copy of Davis’s Bitches Brew. I accept it graciously, think oh hell, and late one night, alone on a California highway, I slide it into the Accord’s CD player.

Holy crap!

It’s the greatest effin jazz album EVER!

You ever have that happen to you before?

It’s timing.

The right time, the right place.

And I’m not just talking about music.

It can be anything.

It took me two failed attempts before On the Road by Jack Kerouac hit me like a concussion device and became one of my all-time favorite books.

My love for the movie The Third Man descended on me “suddenly,” at least a decade after I first saw it.

Sometimes, business and even life lessons are the same way.

You’ll hear the same thing over and over. Then, one day, it clicks. It makes sense.

Here’s something I skim through again and again. And I find valuable “new” stuff in it every time…

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