Jaime Pressly is hot and bothered

jennifer-falls-season-1-2014-poster-1There are two reasons to watch TV Land’s new sitcom Jennifer Falls.

First, it allows you to look at Jaime Pressly for 30 minutes, which is very pleasant.

Second, it delivers a funny line maybe every seven or eight minutes.

Other than that, though, the show’s pretty humdrum.

Here’s its premise…

Jennifer is fired from her six-figure investment banking job because, well, she’s a bitch with anger issues, plus she frightens her co-workers and clients.

So now Jen’s broke and single with a teenage kid, and her only options in life are moving in with her mom and working a minimum-wage job at her brother’s sports bar.

Ha ha.

What the series doesn’t address is that Jen’s life is really filled to overflowing with options.

With a little hard thinking, she could spin her skills and interests into all sorts of directions.

Hell, she could even take a lesson or two from her brother, the sports bar entrepreneur, and launch her own business. Then she’d never worry again about bosses firing her.

But I guess that’s not sitcom material.


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