3 steps toward little distress and much success

Success StrategiesDoes the economy suck or not?

Politicians and their lapdogs in Big Media say one thing. “In the know” economists say something else.

And me, I just don’t know.

What I do know is that nobody in Washington is “fixing” anything, cuz you can’t “fix” the economy. Bureaucrats and regulators and legislators just have to keep their goddamn hands off of it, and nobody in the Beltway is smart enough to figger THAT out.

All I really care about is what you and I can do as individuals to get through life with as little distress and as much success as possible.

Here are three steps toward making things easier, no matter if the economy’s good or bad, and no matter if we’re in crisis or not.

1. Turn off the news spigot.

Generally, the news you get from TV and radio is largely bogus and designed only to increase your anxiety and reduce your productivity and the value you bring to others.

What news DOES happen to slip through, filter it with skepticism. What everybody thinks is a “major crisis” today because of what they hear on CNN or FOX won’t even be on anyone’s news feed a month or so from now.

2. Launch a mastermind.

If you don’t know what a mastermind group is, check out Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. When you start or join a mastermind with other solopreneurs — or wanna-be solopreneurs — you’ll gather enough profitable ideas to last you the next decade or two.

3. Learn how to sell stuff.

I don’t care how “unsavory” you think selling is. Hands down, sales is the world’s highest paid profession. Like Dan Kennedy used to say, you don’t have a business until someone buys something. And no one’ll buy anything until somebody offers stuff for sale.

Fer krissakes, be one of those people who sell stuff.

Follow those three steps, and you can weather almost anything.

Trust me.

But first, you might need a booster shot, which you’ll find right here…


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