The greatest one-hit wonder of all time

my-sharona-52288c1d4af2cI don’t turn the car radio on too often.

The news is too damn depressing. And yeah, I’m at that age now where all the music seems to sound the same.

But for some reason this past Saturday, I snapped it on, then quickly turned the volume waaaaaay up.

And I caught the last minute or so of “My Sharona.”

I started pounding on the steering wheel, and for that brief moment, life was really good.

Now, if you’re anywhere in your 40s or beyond, you know what I’m talking about.

In 1979, radio was crapping nothing but disco from both ends. A lot of us despaired that old-school rock was dead as the proverbial doornail.

Then the Knack blasted out’ve a few gigs on the Sunset Strip, just a mile or two from my then-apartment, with the biggest hit single of the year. “My Sharona” was killer. It was an anthem.

Still is, in my humble opinion.

Alas, the Knack, who looked for a split second like maybe the future of rock ‘n roll, turned out to be just another one-hit wonder.

But we should ALL be so blessed to produce such glorious one-hit, outta-the-ballpark wonders as “My Sharona.”

Sure, your life — your business, whatever that happens to be — is finally made from hitting a lotta singles and doubles.

But you might be surprised that sometime, from out of nowhere, you’ll hit a homer. You’ll create your “My Sharona.”

You’ve got to keep swinging, though.

Here’s one way to help make sure you do…

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