Louisiana, where using cash can be illegal

pic11Nothing much surprises me anymore.

Like, didja know that now it’s illegal in Louisiana to use cash to buy second-hand stuff?

Remember when cash — legal freakin’ tender — was king?

No more, hombre.

Seems legislators in the land of gators and swamp water think that it’ll be easier for cops to track stolen goods if there’s a paper trail. So cash is a big no-no.

Screw all the second-hand stores in Louisiana that will likely go kaput because of this new law.

And if you live in the Pelican State, don’t plan any garage sales for the time being.

As Ben Settle reminded me, “It’s probably for the children.”

OK, it’s hard to surprise me with crazy, nonsensical laws these days, but here’s something that DID surprise me yesterday…

After several years, Joe Vitale’s terrific book Attract Money Now! is still available as a free download to anybody smart enough to grab it.

I own a lotta prosperity books — The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder, The Trick to Money is Having Some by Stuart Wilde, Moneylove by Jerry Gillies, and so on.

(By “prosperity books,” I mean guides to shifting your money attitudes and switching your personal success thermostat from Lack to Wealth.)

Vitale’s Attract Money Now! is less than 150 pages, but it offers up a surefire, easy, 7-step formula for attracting and maintaining a steady flow of money in your life. Joe even includes a list of 29 ways to immediately begin drawing cash into your path.

And it’s free.

I don’t make a dime telling you about Joe’s book, but it’s too good a deal for me to let you miss out on it.

You can download an absolutely no-cost PDF of Attract Money Now! by visiting…


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