The art of disrespectful marketing

flagsEvery year, around July 4, packs of real estate rascals storm through neighborhoods and plant little American flags on people’s front lawns.

Each flag, of course, includes a business card and a note about “proudly waving our flag.”

In the marketing business, you call that “farming.”

Well, I’ve been both an offline and online marketer for many years, and I call it obnoxious, disrespectful, and (here’s something you real estate folks should care about) largely wasteful and ineffective.

First thing, I’m not in the market to sell my house. You’re using a shotgun method and missing your target audience.

Second, get off my goddamn lawn. You sell property but you obviously don’t respect property.

Yes, there are “secrets” to effective marketing. And if they’re followed diligently, any business can grow.

Even real estate businesses.

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