Bashing the Minion-bashers

little dudesThe Minions movie kicked the crap outta box office competitors in its opening weekend.

“Jurassic World” may still blast along, but it didn’t even show up in the Minions’ rearview mirror.

And I guess nobody gives a damn about Arnold anymore. Kinda sad.

So there’s a whole lotta Minion love out there right now. There’s Minion clothing. There are Minion Happy Meals. And I hear that Minions dominated cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con this past week.

But harken the inevitable backlash!

Quite a few people — tens of thousands of ’em, maybe more — seem to loathe these little, yellow, pill-shaped guys.

“The fact that some of them have one eye and some of them have two makes me want to bash my head into a brick wall,” wrote one online Minion-hater.

Sign into reddit, and you’ll find a MinionHate group with more than 16,000 subscribers. The twitterverse is filled with venom for the little fellers (#stopminions).

But even a crusty old-school curmudgeon like me has to side with the masses on this one.

There’s something admirable about the Minions.

Sure, they’re blind followers. Sure, they grovel for whatever evil master they can find. And yeah, that makes them a tad pathetic. (OK, a LOT pathetic.)

But you’ve got to hand it to them, they share two traits with every successful entrepreneur.

First, they’re determined to serve.

And second, they have perseverance.

Of course, it can be argued that the Minions take servanthood much too far. And their perseverance is definitely misdirected.

But they have the right attitude, dammit.

So screw you, Minion-bashers!

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