This guy blows worse than a blue whale’s blowhole

whaleThis summer has been a blur — literally.

It started in June with surgery to repair the retina in my left eye, followed by two full weeks of recovery at home, a big hunk of that lying face-down 24/7.

July and August were spent with only one working eye. The procedure had, as expected, aggravated a cataract that couldn’t be removed until three months of healing was complete.

Well, last week, as summer began its farewell tour, I finally had the needed cataract surgery. The protein-crusted natural lens in my left eye was discarded and replaced with a corrective artificial lens.

And despite some wonky vision in my left eye (which is probably permanent), I’m seeing in “stereo” again.

Hot damn!

The doctor, who performed both surgeries, was a fookin’ genius.

The nurses at the outpatient surgery center were thoughtful, friendly, and caring.

The same, however, cannot be said for the anesthesiologist who administered what little “happy juice” I needed during my cataract procedure.

This drug-dispenser was a prick.

And my experience wasn’t an isolated one. While lying on a gurney in the “prep room,” I overheard two other conversations he had with patients.

He was arrogant, condescending, unresponsive, and generally unfriendly.

In other words, his bedside manner blows worse than a blue whale’s blowhole.

I would’ve rather had Hannibal Lector administer and monitor my meds.

If you can’t build confidence in your patients — or your customers — you ought’a shape up or avoid the public altogether.

That’s obvious even to a guy like me with less than 20/20 vision.

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