I almost killed a teenager at Costco

atlanta-store-8500I was driving through the Costco parking lot yesterday and almost ran over a teenage girl.

She was winding between parked cars on a skateboard, a cigarette in one hand and an iPod in the other, earbuds plugged into her head.

Now that’s gotta be Multitasking of the Worst Kind.

I used to think working on a whole bunch’a stuff at the same time was a smart idea.

Then I realized I wasn’t very good at it.

For one thing, multitasking was actually slowing me down.

I found it took me longer to wrap up two projects when I was jumping from one to the other. I was better off getting things done in batches.

So now I answer all my emails at once and make all my phone calls at the same time of day. For the most part, writing projects are all handled in the morning.

Each task, whether a project or regular chore, requires a distinct mindset. Once I’m in that mental sweet spot, I’m most effective if I stay there until I finish.

And the best news is that I make fewer mistakes, don’t piss off my wife and friends with frequent moments of anxiety, and don’t stress myself out.

Plus, I enjoy life more.

I recently read about a study from Western Washington University that showed that people doing as little as two things at once don’t notice the most obvious things going on right in front of them.

The researchers discovered that three out of four college students walking across a campus square while yapping on their cell phones didn’t notice a clown riding a unicycle nearby.

Hey, to live a more rewarding, prosperous life, you really should make more time for clowns. And you can’t live a more rewarding, prosperous life if you overdo the multitasking.

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