Get your hands off my aebleskivers!

dsc_0077We’re making a daytrip to Solvang today to celebrate family birthdays that happen to fall in July.

I always look forward to visiting Solvang, which is a little Danish “tourist town” just 45 minutes south of here. It’s dotted with dozens of bakeries and restaurants, which offer me plenty of chances to pig out on aebleskivers.

You know about aebleskivers? They’re Danish “pancake balls” (slightly smaller than tennis balls). They’re kinda fluffy like popovers, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with raspberry jam.

I like ’em at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


But here’s the deal…

I don’t share my aebleskivers.

My thinking is, if you wanna taste some aebleskivers, get your own damn plate and leave mine alone.

You don’t want me to go Viking on your ass.

The good news, though, is that I share plenty of other things.

Like, didja know there’s almost FOUR HOURS of free downloadable audio business instruction available on my website?

For example, there’s an hour with entrepreneur Ed Ritchie, where we talk about how he and I generated cash from multiple income streams, all operated simultaneously.

Then there’s a chat with freelance travel writer Bob Howells, where we discuss (among many other things) how you can run a full-blown bizniz from a smart phone at the summit of the highest peak in Iceland.

There’s an interview with Warren Bluhm, author of Refuse to be Afraid, about how to squash your fears and move on with launching your own business.

You’ll also find my romp with radical libertarian podcasters, where I expound on how to promote freedom by hightailin’ it out of the job culture.

You can grab hold of all this stuff real easy.

No opt-in. No obligation. Just listen right there or download it all into your iPod, iPhone, or whatever you use to listen to MP3 files.

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