Why I think Star Trek is important

starA whole lotta hoopla is being raised because today marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

Some people probably think that’s silly.

But it really isn’t at all.

(Actually, today is a double-whammy for me. Fifty years ago, on the very same night and network as the original “Star Trek,” the Tarzan TV series starring Ron Ely debuted. Imagine, two classics in a single night!)

So why is Star Trek important?

For one thing, after a half-century, it’s still spawning successor shows. It launched a long-running movie franchise; the latest film, “Star Trek Beyond,” was released just this summer. And don’t forget all the toys, and books, and other stuff.

In the 1960s, “Star Trek” was groundbreaking. It featured a multi-ethnic cast, and using the tropes of popular science fiction novels, it told sophisticated stories and addressed moral and social issues like warfare, imperialism, and discrimination.

And “Star Trek” offered the positive message that we could survive and thrive among the stars.

What I love about Star Trek is that it’s always encouraging. It keeps reminding me that everything’s gonna be OK, and that I can “boldly go where no one has gone before.”

How about you?

Does Star Trek ever make you think that maybe you can step out of your comfortable surroundings and tackle things you’ve thought impossible?

Maybe pursue new dreams?

Maybe start a business of your own and take control of your life?


Take a minute today to celebrate Star Trek.

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