How to be a villain and influence people

jokerpicMore than 40 years ago, Robert Ringer wrote a couple’a books with titles that kept many mushcookies from opening them and sucking up their valuable advice.

Those books were Winning Through Intimidation and Looking Out for #1. I still re-read them and consider them classics, among the most insightful self-help books ever.

Well, not to be outdone in the offensiveness game, Ben Settle, my favorite unruly marketer, has recently released a short, helpful, motivational volume with a title sure to outrage bleeding hearts aplenty — Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains.

This little bugger is so freakin’ good that I’ve read it three times since Ben sent me a copy earlier this month.

Get a load of a few of the chapter headings…

“Ruthlessly Knock People off Their Pedestals”

“Execute Your Inner Nice Guy with Extreme Prejudice”

“Secure Your ‘Screw You’ Fund”

My favorite chapter is called “Be the Joker.”

Ben explains that Batman’s archest of arch bad guys has an attribute that, if applied to our everyday lives, will fill our pockets with dough, our beds with beautiful partners, and send our competitors scrambling for the hills.

What’s that attribute?


Just think about it.

In the world of villainy, nobody beats the Joker in the impact department.

You didn’t even see the guy in the trailers for last summer’s “Suicide Squad,” but when movie audiences heard his echoing laugh, they went batshit crazy.

That’s impact, friend.

Do you have it? Personally? In your business?

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