Sack up and go with the scary

haunted-highwayA lotta dainty flowers are sobbing and whining and wringing their hands about the election this week of Donald Trump.

“I’m scared!”

The sumbitch is still two months from the White House and they’re terrified of what MIGHT happen. Maybe.

“Trump might do something…BAD!”

More likely, he’ll do something stoopid that’ll keep the country locked into litigation of one sort or another for the next four years.

Anyway, all this reminds me of a bit of wisdom I once stumbled on in a hardboiled crime novel.

In the middle of throat-slashings, pistol-whippings, and butt-kickings, outta nowhere, a deputy tells a young babe…

“It’ll never feel right. It’ll always feel scary, so you’ve got to go with scary.”

That walloped me so hard my teeth rattled.

OK, maybe the idea of President Trump doesn’t feel right to you. I understand that. (The idea of President Clinton II didn’t feel right to me, either.)

But you can’t successfully live your life if you panic whenever something doesn’t feel right.

It didn’t “feel right” when I jumped into my first assignment as a corporate hack way back when.

And after the Big Corporate Debacle, it didn’t “feel right” when I tore up my job resume to fly solo.

It didn’t “feel right” when I spoke from a stage to a roomful of strangers for the first time.

And it sure didn’t “feel right” when I created and launched my first ever digital online information product.

Hell, no.

Those things felt scary.

Real scary.

Life’s ALWAYS friggin’ scary, fer krissakes.

If you sit around waiting for the “right feeling” before you change things up for yourself, nothing’s ever gonna happen.

You might as well pull the blankie over your head right now.

I know it, and you know it.

Anything worth doing is going to be scary.

Embrace it.

Sack up and go with the scary.

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