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If you want to break free from the treadmill on your own terms and kick off a simple, low-cost business from scratch as early as tomorrow morning, listen up.

You wanna go freelance.

But aren't freelancers by definition writers?


My dictionary defines freelancer as "a person who sells work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer."

So freelancers can be writers, of course. But just as many people freelance today as bookkeepers, computer programmers, chefs, events planners, massage therapists, telemarketers, photographers, landscapers, tutors, web designers, and any number of other things.

No matter your skills, you can be a freelancer.

There Are Two Ways You Can “Go Freelance”

There’s the way I did it, where you don’t jump off the 9-to-5 treadmill but get shoved off by pencil-pushing corporate bosses — and desperation compels you to set up shop as a freelancer PDQ.

Then there’s the way my pal Bob Howells did it, where you choose to ditch your job, make plans, give your employer notice, and approach the freelance lifestyle systematically.

I think Bob’s method is best.

Both of them work, though.

But no matter how you start your freelance business, it's a whole lot easier with a guide to walk you through the minefield that lies between you and success.

Introducing Fearless Freelancing 101

Here’s an audio-eBook package designed to help you escape the rat race and quickly create your own freedom. Drawing on the accumulated know-how of two crusty fellas who’ve done the “freelance thing” for a long time now, this program will show you…

  • The benefits of operating a modular freelance business, or how to be in your own business without being a “lone wolf.”
  • 10 surefire tactics to make yourself irresistible to both new prospects and existing customers.
  • The magic of pricing your services without robbing yourself.
  • The dead nuts sign that you’re charging too little for your services.
  • 7 techniques for maintaining a steady flow of business.
  • How to tell an uneasy spouse that you plan to shrug off the “security” of a weekly paycheck — and keep your marriage intact.
  • 16 things every freelancer must sell in addition to the actual services they market.
  • Why you absolutely must build a pool of retainer clients, and how to accomplish that ASAP.

Plus lots of tips on struggling with fear and worry, naming your business, creating business cards, promoting yourself, dealing with difficult customers and clients, and even developing the vitally important “freelancer mindset.”

Here's What Fearless Freelancing 101 Is NOT

This is not a get-rich-quick system or a shortcut to success.

Sure, the program offers truckloads of advice on how to size up your strengths and weaknesses and generate enough self-confidence to get rolling.

But the work’ll all be done by YOU.

So Who Are We?

Bob Howells and I are just two regular Joes with plenty of miles on ’em, a whole lotta freelance experience, heaps of moxie, and enough good common sense to keep any aspiring freelancer from slipping into a business sinkhole.

I spent 15 years in the corporate trenches before I got the boot and pursued the freelance life, never to look back again. For more than a decade, I’ve served as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant to Fortune 500 companies, mom & pop shops, and charitable organizations.

Bob HowellsBob’s a multiple Lowell Thomas Award-winning freelance travel writer, who’s authored numerous guide books and written hundreds of articles for magazines like Outside and National Geographic Adventure since the 1980s.

(Ask Bob sometime about his adventures in the Amazon jungle, living entirely off the land. Or if you get a chance, see the TV documentary he wrote and narrated about it all. Whew.)

Here's What You Get In Fearless Freelancing 101

1.    The Quick Start Guide to Fearless Freelancing — I wrote this eBook literally by the numbers. It’s that simple. Take a look and you’ll see it’s basically headlines and numbered lists, which makes it a snap to read and implement. Read it once quickly, then print it out and do a second run-through with a yellow highlighter. Your freelance business can be rolling by tomorrow morning.

2.    7 Blunders That Can Wipe Out Your Freelance Business — An audio supplement to The Quick Start Guide. I run through the biggest mistakes a new freelancer can make and offer tips for easily correcting them, all while I knock back a cold Brazilian black beer.

3.    Insider Secrets from a Globe-Trotting Freelancer — An audio interview with freelance travel writer Robert Earle Howells (aka Bob Howells), author of Write Where the Money Is. Bob and I talk about overcoming fear, how to say goodbye to your “secure” 9-to-5 job (while breaking the news to your significant other), and other good stuff.

4.    A transcript of the Insider Secrets from a Globe-Trotting Freelancer audio.

5.    Write Where the Money Is — A valuable chunk from Bob Howells’ groundbreaking book on freelance writing.

How Much Is All This Stuff?


Only $27. Probably less than you spent last week at Starbucks.


Is Satisfaction Guaranteed?


Of course.

Go on. Click the button below and access all this digital goodness in just a few minutes. You’ll be on the road to a liberating new life off the 9-to-5 job treadmill in no time flat.

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Here's to smashing wage slavery one job at a time!

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