Smashing Wage Slavery One Job at a Time!

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Dear Friend,

A number of years ago, my pal Ed Ritchie and I sat in front of a tiny Sony tape recorder in Los Angeles and shared the money-making methods that we then used to successfully finance and maintain jobless -- some might say "ne'er-do-well" -- lifestyles. We discussed...

  • Why you should NEVER rely on a single source of income...especially a job!
  • How to take stock of your hidden assets to launch multiple revenue streams!
  • How to guarantee you get paid what you're really worth!
  • How to make your "work" the next best thing to loafing and taking the day off!
  • And LOTS more!

We briefly sold the resulting 60-minute tape -- titled Multi-Track Earning Secrets -- at a series of workshops. Then the workshops ended and we both forgot about it...

Until I recently discovered the "master copy" in a box of old audio tapes in my garage.

Now we're making the tape available to you as an absolutely FREE MP3 download!

How come? Well, even though all the information is still spot-on, our references to things like VCR's and Windows 95 are, uh, just a bit dated. So until Ed and I sit together in front of a microphone again, enjoy this recording on us!

Just right-click on the link below and save it to your computer's desktop.

To your success!

WallySignature       Wally

Wally Conger

EdP.S. In case you want to match a face with the voice, here's a recent
photo of Mr. Ritchie. When this recording was made, Ed was the freelance marketing guru to a computer games software firm in Los Angeles. Now he's somewhere in New York and, as you'd expect, still pursuing a jobless lifestyle.
Lookin' good, Ed!

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