Rhino Ramming Tree Trunk

Why Not Crash  Through Fear, Worry, Doubt, And Every Other Damn Thing Standing Between You And Your Dreams ... Just Like A Charging Rhinoceros?


C'mon, you already know what you want.

  • You want to jump off the spirit-killing 9-to-5 hamster wheel.
  • You want to launch your own online or offline business.
  • You want to extricate yourself from crappy relationships.
  • You want to live any darn place you choose.
  • You want to travel to exotic lands of romance and adventure.
  • Yada, yada, yada

The question is, do you have what it takes to accomplish all that?

Rhinos and Cows

Face it, there are two kinds of people:
  1. Snorting, audacious, charging rhinos who storm after the things they want.
  2. Cud-chewing, lethargic, shiftless cows who wait for somebody else to give them what they want.

And the cows seem to outnumber rhinos about 9-to-1!

I determined to learn the secret to what makes highly motivated people highly motivated rhinos.

I sought a method to help ambitious but fearful individuals break free of the world's vast herd of cattle and become full-grown, flourishing rhinos.

And I needed to find out how rhinos who've already tasted success can stand strong and keep climbing upward in a crushingly bovine era.

Enter Rhino Scott Alexander

To get the down-and-dirty and nitty-gritty, I grabbed hold of the nation’s biggest badass rhinoceros — author and motivational speaker Scott Alexander.

Scott AlexanderYou’ve probably heard of Scott. He's written three popular success books: Rhinoceros Success, Advanced Rhinocerology, and Rhinocerotic Relativity.

He's personally tackled more business ventures than most of us have fingers and toes.

And his uncompromising Rhino Revolution blog is stirring up trouble on the internet.

I'd been told Scott was a powerhouse. But I was pitifully unprepared for our first encounter.

Holy cow! Oops, I mean, holy rhino!

Locked horn-in-horn, Scott and I grappled with rhino philosophy, rhino success, rhino business, rhino faith, rhino politics, and a whole safari load of other terrific stuff.

Lucky for you, I recorded the whole damn conversation.

Here’s what’s captured on the audio…

  • The essential behaviors that keep rhinoceros entrepreneurs out of the pasture and charging through the jungle.
  • The key to triggering your latent rhino embers into a full-scale inferno.
  • How Rhino Determination helped Scott shrug off the torpedoes of frustration and business setbacks -- including a particularly sticky confrontation with state and federal agents -- and how YOU can harness that same determination.
  • Why every entrepreneur needs to keep a personal rhino journal and document their journey.
  • How to turn your toggle switch from Cow to Rhino in just 15 seconds.
  • A surefire method to tell if you’re bulldozing down the “right track.”
  • Why it’s better to be broke and happy instead of rich and miserable.
  • What counts for more than anything when the chips are down.
  • How to harness the three main ingredients of the Entrepreneurial Rhino Safari — money, energy, and ideas.
  • What rhinos can learn from the Rolling Stones.
  • Why having an imbalanced life should be one of your long-term goals.
  • The power of rhino optimism.
  • And plenty more, including why you should almost certainly stay out of the reptile retailing business.

The program's called…

No-Nonsense Damn-the-Torpedoes Jungle Rhinoceros Tactics

to Flatten the Crap Outta Fear, Worry, & Doubt

And here's what you get...

  • An MP3 recording of my high-velocity, butt-kicking conversation with Rhino Scott Alexander, which you can conveniently listen to over and over again on your computer, iPod, or car stereo.
  • A dazzling, easy-to-read, 42-page eBook containing both the transcript and Scott’s hilarious essay “Adventures in the Snake Business.”
  • A set of Rhino Worksheets to help you on your passage from the cattle ranch to a thrilling Rhino Lifestyle. (Cuz I know it’s always a bitch to get started.)

Here's what's being said about 

Jungle Rhinoceros Tactics...

“I laughed, I learned, and I agreed” 

“I laughed, I learned, and I agreed. As an entrepreneur myself who never fit the corporate mold, I relate to the authentic, spirited message that Scott has. Wally doesn’t pull any punches, either — he asks tough questions (the ones we would ask if we had the nerve) and gets straight answers. The transcript let me go back and clarify what I might have missed while laughing or nodding my head too hard in agreement. Clear, useful stuff … exactly what I expect from Wally. He always delivers.”

Judy EstrinJudy Estrin
Partners In Enterprise, Inc.

"Developing a full-throttle, rhino-skin attitude"

"I had a lot of fun with this, learned a thing or two, and picked up some useful concepts. Wally and Scott have a great time together talking about the importance of developing a full-throttle, rhino-skin attitude when following your dreams, despite the fears, frustrations, and other torpedoes that inevitably sidetrack any enterprise. The rhino energy jumps off the e-page at you. But just in case you missed it, they preserved the conversation so you can listen to it wherever you go."

Warren BluhmWarren Bluhm
Author, Podcaster

“A complete defrag and reboot of your life”

"Talk about life changing! Scott and Wally not only motivated me to make something of myself, they inspired me to help turn this world into a more exciting and loving place for my brother and sister rhinos. I don't throw the word genius around lightly, but it sure applies here. Just an hour plugged into these two dynamos is like doing a complete defrag and reboot of your life!"

Spike MaximusSpike Maximus
Chief Executive Rhino
Dream Safaris, Inc.

“Extremist twaddle!”

"Conger and Alexander are dangerous rabble-rousers. They should be taken to task by selfless, well-behaved citizens for expounding this extremist twaddle. In their perfect world, only the creative, ambitious, and industrious would live happy, successful lives! What reactionary claptrap! They should pass a law to squelch this sort of drivel!"

Lulu BovinaLulu Bovina
Supervisor, Meadow Muffin Reclamation
Department of Agriculture
Washington D.C.

So bottom line…how much?

The whole kit and caboodle is only $17.

That's right. Less than you'd probably spend on a movie and popcorn. (And that’s not counting the added expense of the now almost obligatory and annoying 3D glasses, which are unnecessary here.)

Just a measly 17 bucks for an educational, inspiring, motivational, why-to, how-to romp with Rhino Scott and me — and an adventure you can revisit again and again. PLUS the eBook and worksheets.

Hell, you’re worth it.

Go ahead. Get your very own copy of No-Nonsense Damn-the-Torpedoes Jungle Rhinoceros Tactics to Flatten the Crap Outta Fear, Worry, & Doubt.

It’s in electronic format, so you can download it right away and be out on your patio listening to Scott and me over your earbuds in just a couple of minutes.

Oh, by the way, we're paired very nicely with anything from a cold Guinness to a full-bodied dark roast cup o' joe.

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Go Rhino!

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