If you worry about job security, or just want to escape the 9-to-5 treadmill...

"Former Corporate Wage-Slave Uncovers 78 Secrets That Make 'Doing Your Own Thing' Fast, Easy & Highly Profitable!"

Clobbered in a company "downsizing," I used these simple tactics to become a cash-generating maniac!

Now harness them to snap YOUR chains of wage-slavery!

Hi, my name's Wally Conger, and I spent 15 years as a corporate slave.

And I liked it.

My salary was ample. My medical benefits were outstanding. My employee stock ownership plan was top-notch.

Then I got chopped off at the knees in one of the company's frequent, inevitable "retructurings" (you know, layoffs).

There were plenty of sleepless nights.

There was a whole lot of marital angst.

But I eventually discovered that I didn't need the so-called "security" of a job.

I made it on my own as a freelancer. A solopreneur.

And during that journey, I learned 78 secrets that can help you shun the 9-to-5 treadmill and move into a lifestyle that's as free and adaptable as you want it to be.

I've assembled them all into a powerful, no-fluff, no-B.S. report...

Split-Second Solopreneur:

78 Quick Hacks to Snap the Chains of Wage Slavery

Here's just some of what you'll find out...

  • The #1 way to stay off the short road to a loony bin while stretching for your earnings goals. (Most solopreneurs miss this and, well, eventually go cuckoo, and broke.)
  • The fast and simple secret to creating a memorable, effective name for your business.
  • How to use your “free time” without feeling guilty about ignoring your business.
  • The single bit of info all solopreneurs should leave OFF their business cards.
  • The absolutely worst reason of all to turn down a client. (It's not what you think.)
  • How many services should a customer reasonably expect you to provide? (The answer may startle you.)
  • If your customers don't demand this from you, you MUST show them the door!
  • What signs to look for from clients when you're “talking money.” (If you don't follow this advice, you're definitely leaving money on the table!)
  • The catastrophic mistake I made again and again in pricing my work, and how you can easily squash it.
  • The one skill that will make customers sit up and take notice and will set you apart from 95% of your competitors.
  • The magic way you can use holiday parties, summer BBQ's, and your local fast food outlets to build your business quickly.
  • When you should back away from the table -- hell, RUN away -- during a business transaction.
  • The little-known recipe for dealing with unhappy clients.
  • PLUS...how much capital you'll “realistically” need to launch your business, the nitty-gritty on joining networking groups, when you should “overcharge” clients, and much more!

This isn't a massive get-rich-quick program, crammed with videos and audios and charts and graphs.

Instead...I've crammed everything I know about getting started, hitting money goals rapidly, and staying profitable into bite-sized chunks.

This is a relatively short report that you can probably read in 20 minutes.

Truly “split-second.”

What that means is that instead of having to slog through pages and pages of heavy-handed, dull instruction, you can whip through this report and start making moola right away.

So how much will access to all these secrets cost you?

Split-Second Solopreneur will cost you less than your average Denny's breakfast.

Only 9 bucks!

Why so cheap?

Well, for one thing, I want you as a lifetime customer. I want to give you real, honest information on how to shrug off the job that's keeping you up all night with worry about office politics and money problems. I want to really help you get up and running, so you’ll buy from me again and again. So think of this low price as kind've an ethical bribe!

And of course there's a 100% "I Don't Like It" Money-Back Guarantee

Split-Second Solopreneur

Maybe you want to take the bull by the horns and jump ship from your job before the next series of layoffs.

Or maybe you just want to sidestep the misery of zombie employment right out of the gate.

Whatever your motive, don't wait! Grab my Split-Second Solopreneur report and start profitting right now!

Wally Conger

Copyright © WallyConger

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