Squeeze ideas outta your TV!

TVYou can waste hours of precious time watching reruns of Friends on TV every night. Or you can take advantage of the fountain of business ideas that spring out of your set all day, every day.

It’s your choice! 

Here’s how to use your TV to find more home-based business opportunities than you’ll ever have enough time to pursue: 

Record the evening news and “skim.” 

Watching hours of national and local news every night is a big waste of time — and it plays havoc with your attitude. But there’s still a lot of valuable information there. So record the news programs on your DVR, then quickly skim through them later, viewing only the stories about trends, popular culture, and business. Take notes. 

Tip: Ignore the negative news about economic and business “downturns.” Instead, pay close attention to only the profiles of unique business trends, successful businesses, and business people. 

Watch infomercials. 

Whenever an entrepreneur tells me that she hates and avoids infomercials, I cringe. There’s no cheaper way to learn high-end marketing techniques than to study these free half-hour “sales lessons.” 

They may seem annoying, but keep in mind that if you’ve seen the same infomercial over and over again, it must be making money! Millions of dollars are earned — and, admittedly, often lost — from these programs. Learn from them! 

Watch local Public Access programs. 

Every cable television service offers at least one channel for use by community service groups, local businesses, and even creative individuals. And when watched with some perceptiveness, you can pull tons of valuable info out of this programming. Listen to your local business leaders. Discover what’s important to your neighbors. You’ll find it all on Public Access. 

Of course, there are plenty more ways to capture fresh business ideas when you’re NOT sitting in front of the tube. I’d love to hear some of yours! 

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