My eyeball got squished real bad

I’ve been a certain kind of crazy for the past couple of weeks, preparing for my third eye surgery in two years.

This surgery is pretty standard stuff — cataract surgery on my right eye. But since I wear old-fashioned, hard contact lenses, I’ve gone 14 days without a contact lens at all in my right eye to help the doc get proper measurements for the new corrective lens implant.

And I’m telling you, it’s been a real pain in the patootie.

My left eye sees long, long distances, but my uncorrected right eye sees only fuzziness. So everything’s been a bit harder, a bit more inconvenient, a bit more uncomfortable, a bit more headachy.

Driving’s a no-no, of course; Deb’s my chauffeur. Watching TV is difficult. Reading’s a chore. Writing on the computer is damn near impossible; I have to press my face to the screen, my eyeball practically squished against the glass, to read with any reliability.

Anyway, I’m able to use the contact lens again starting today, so I’ll finally function semi-normally, thank gawd.

Surgery is just 12 days away.


There are so many hoops to jump through during pre-op.

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