Lick your kitty without risking hairballs

cat-brushAnother WTF moment!

In the course of skimming the news yesterday, I came across this…


“Now you can. Without the furballs.

“Cats groom each other as a form of social bonding. There’s also evidence to suggest that cats view and treat their human captors as large cats. As a human, you’re left out of the intimate licking ritual. At best, you have a one-sided licking relationship with your cat.

“We have designed LICKI brush to bring you and your cat closer. By using LICKI with your cat on a regular basis, you’ll develop a more intimate and bonded relationship, much like a mama cat bonds with her young.”

One end of the brush fits inside your mouth. The other end is shaped like a giant tongue.

I’m thinking this has gotta be a joke, but on the other hand, these folks launched a Kickstarter campaign for their product and have a website filled with videos.

Google it…if you dare. (Me, I found the videos uncomfortable to watch.)

All this goes to show that there are zillions of ways to make money. And sometimes, in the case of this cat brush, the ideas obviously best flow when prompted by massive amounts of hallucinogens.

I’ve always taken an easy route to making moola. And I even crammed my strategy for that into a brief, step-by-step report that you can read in just 20 minutes.

If you’re looking for a simpler way to build a business than designing and marketing a cat-licking product, grab my report here…

Split-Second Solopreneur

Kid sidekicks are a pain in the ass

sheffieldI was watching 1947’s Tarzan and the Huntress late last night and remembered that this week marks six years since Johnny Sheffield died.

Johnny was one of the iconic “kid sidekicks.” He played “Boy” to Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan in the 1930s and ’40s, and Huntress was his last performance as the character. (In fact, Weissmuller had just one film to go before he hung up his own loincloth.)

Sheffield the jungle boy would’a been 85 this year.

Way back when I was a munchkin, watching the old Weissmuller movies on Channel 9 in L.A., I thought Boy was a pain in the ass.

Tarzan would say, “Boy stay with Cheetah.” But no sooner would the Ape Man leap into the trees than Boy would chase after a baby elephant and end up captured by headhunters, or ivory poachers, or warriors from Opar.

Of course, Cheetah’d fetch Tarz, who’d stop whatever he was doing (usually skinny-dipping with Jane) to rescue the little creep.

Like I said — a pain in the ass.

But there was one good thing you could always say about Boy.

When he needed help — like when cannibals were cooking him in a boiling pot of water — he knew where to find it. And he wasn’t afraid to ask for it.

It’s a shame most of us aren’t more like Boy in that way.

I don’t know about you, but when I run into a problem, I usually avoid asking for help and end up wasting a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Sure, fumbling and bumbling can be a “learning experience.” But problems get solved faster and more efficiently when you know where to look for the answers.

Well, if you dream of jumping off the job treadmill — or fear that you’ll soon be booted off against your will — I’ve got SOME of the answers.

And I’ve pulled them together into a quick-to-read, no-BS report that you can grab right here…

Split-Second Solopreneur

Doing jailtime for saving a dog

dogLast Thursday, a guy from Halfmoon, New York, banged on doors in his neighborhood and raised a cry of fire.

A dog was trapped inside a burning house.

Typical in today’s apathetic culture, the neighbors didn’t give a damn.

So what’s a concerned man of action to do?

This guy rammed his BMW sedan through the fence of the burning house, broke in through its back door, and emerged with the family’s large white dog cradled in his arms.

Whatta guy!

Except the mutt hadn’t been in danger.

Cuz there weren’t no fire.

Seems the feller was higher than an Elon Musk rocketship.

Earlier that day, he’d swallowed a cocktail of LSD and cough syrup.

Anyway, hero or not, the poor schlub was charged with second degree burglary and third degree criminal mischief and put in county jail on $15,000 bail.

You know, sometimes it’s harder than hell to figure out what’s real and what’s not real.

My email box is filled every single day with money-making offers, promising big bucks for doing nothing.

I even get messages from “foreign dignitaries,” reporting that millions of dollars are waiting for me in a secure bank account in Zurich.

Here’s reality…

You don’t make money unless you put in the time and effort.

But where and how you put in the time and effort is vitally important.

I’ve pulled together a short report about the best ways to put your time and effort to use.

No BS. All real.

I promise.

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Why I’m sitting out this election

vote-nobody-lead-yourself-2016-presidental-campaignI’m exhausted by the Election 2016 madness, aren’t you?

TV is brimming with it. Social media is overstuffed with it.

And what it comes down to is that nobody really likes these two bozos, but everybody thinks they have to pick a team.

You really don’t.

As you’ve heard from me before, I’ve been a principled non-voter for many, many years. And paraphrasing essayist Frank Chodorov, who was a longtime abstainer from the voting booth, the country seems to be none the worse for my not voting.

But during these electoral circuses, I have to find comfort somewhere. So I’ve been re-reading stuff by Edward Abbey this past week.

Abbey was the so-called “Thoreau of the American West.” He called himself an “agrarian anarchist,” a conservationist who thought wilderness deserved preservation mainly because it offers the best places to hide from federal agents.

His solution to “illegal” immigration was neither state-sanctioned “amnesty” nor building a wall. He wanted to “stop every campesino at our southern border, give him a handgun, a good rifle, and a case of ammunition, and send him home. He will know what to do with our gifts and good wishes. The people know who their enemies are.”

Shit, we all know who the Enemy is.

“The Enemy speaks to us all the time,” Abbey once wrote, “from the radio, on the television, on billboards, in the newspapers and slick magazines, in the halls of Congress, at the state capitol, in city hall.”

Don’t surrender your freedom, your humanity, and your honor for promised safety and security.

You’ll only find safety and security in yourself.

Maybe that means heading for the wilderness (like Ed Abbey did).

Maybe it means homeschooling (or unschooling) your kids.

It might mean something as simple as jumping off the job treadmill and “doing your own thing.”

Why not sit out the electoral nonsense and do something really important for you and your family?

Just sayin’.

“Down with Empire! Up with Spring!” – Edward Abbey

Why Trump could be a good idea

trump1You know where I stand on electoral politics.

I don’t like ’em. I don’t participate in ’em.

But I have to share something I just got today from Jon McCulloch, a marketer in Ireland.

Jon’s talking my talk here, and I’m just gonna quote most of his email, with no fixing of typos or whatever.

I’ll be back in a minute or so.

Here’s Jon…

“I’m not much one to follow politics. Not only are politicians themselves dishonest, self-serving, and frequently corrupt but they’re largely unnecessary and work in jobs and in a profession entirely of their own invention.

“Remember early this year, when the election on the 26th February yielded no clear winner and Ireland had no government for several months?

“The country just kept on runnin’, because, like it or not, adult human beings don’t need others to tell them what to do or how to live their lives. Sure, I know loads of people feel they do, but they’re wrong. People, left alone, tend to do just fine. The only people who think otherwise are those who want something for nothing, and those who want to force others to live their lives according to their pet ideology.

“Here’s a Fundamental Truth for ya: the thing politicians, do-gooders, bleeding-hearts, and fucking Socialists all hate with a passion is self reliant people who don’t want or need their meddlesome ideas and invasive practices.

“What’s this got to do with anything?

“Well, right now on this side of the Pond we’re being treated to the truly awesome spectacle of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton battling it out to become President of the United States. It all seems very surreal, I know, but the fact is it’s almost certain one of those clowns is gonna become arguably the most powerful person in the world in just a few short months. I’m not going to get into Trump’s merits as a business owner here, but he’s definitely not qualified to run a country. Every time he opens his mouth he’s either lying, talking scientifically-illiterate nonsense, or proposing actions and laws clearly violating the Constitution.

“But, that said, I suspect Trump is a far better choice than Hilary.


“Simply because he is such a clown.

“See, it’s entirely possible if Trump gets elected he’ll dive right on trying to enact unconstitutional laws and engaging in other illegal batshittery, meaning he and his administration will spend so much time being dragged through the courts and arguing about all this shit, they won’t have time to mess, meddle, and fiddle with the economy.

“And economies do best when they’re left alone (they’re complex adaptive systems, don’tchaknow?).

“I guess on this side of the Pond it’s all moot, although what happens in and to the US does affect the whole world to some extent.

“Whatever. There’s nothing you or I can do about it, so our best course of action is to put our noses to the grindstone and knuckle down to growing our businesses. Certainly, if we wait for things to magically get better or become more favourable we’re gonna be waiting a long time.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Ignore the political BS and stick to business.

But what if you don’t have a business to stick to?

I got an answer to that right here.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

beavan-in-woods_grandeHave you seen any of those “tiny house” TV shows?

Deb got me watching them, and I’ve gotta admit, it’s fun to see people struggle to downsize their households and squeeze themselves into as little as 200 square feet.

The trick is prioritizing and using space wisely.

Plus, you have to be really motivated to convert from big to tiny.

Or complex to simple.

It’s so easy to make things complicated.

Everytime Microsoft fugks around with an operating system that seems to work perfectly well, I wonder, why? Why make it more confusing?

And whenever a friend tells me she’s spent six months hammering out a “business plan” so she can leave her miserable job, I ask, “How come you’re making it so hard on yourself?”

Why not, as Thoreau suggested almost two centuries ago, simplify, simplify, simplify?

There are complex ways to build a business of your own, and there are plenty of “gurus” out there to detail it all for you.

On the other hand, there are very SIMPLE ways to do the same thing, much more quickly and effectively.

My tip for the day…

Always go simple.

You’ll be happier, healthier, and probably wealthier.

Kids say the darnedest things

grilld_1After a lot of years, this still makes me laugh my ass off…

My pal Zack’s four-year-old son Joel was getting ready for only his third day of preschool.

The kid looked up from tying his shoes.

“How long does this go on?” Joel asked his dad.


Joel’s innocent question is what many people ask themselves while they get ready for another grueling day of work.

But they just keep slogging on day after day, unsatisfied and unhappy.

Surveys show that most folks would never work at what they do if they didn’t get paid “good enough” money for it.

Most admit they’re sick of working for bosses.

Most claim they’d love to quit their employment and follow their dreams.

But the minute they’re thrown out of their job, these people usually update their resumes and pound the pavement for a new job, a new boss, and a new routine of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

How come?

There are lots of reasons. And if you’re among those who say they want off the 9-to-5 job treadmill but can’t seem to take the leap, ask yourself these admittedly hardnosed and difficult questions:

1) What do I fear most about leaving my job? Risk? Failure? Success? The unknown? Loss of “financial security”? Worrying or upsetting my family?

2) Do I believe I’m unworthy of finding success in my own business?

3) Do I think I’m too inexperienced to be in business for myself?

4) Do I think I’m too undercapitalized to move out of a job and into my own enterprise?

Maybe what you need is a formula for breaking free from the treadmill you’re on.

Years back, I got dumped out of my corporate job and hadda come up with a formula to move forward.

I’ve whipped that formula into an easy-to-read and easier-to-implement report. If you’re ready to cut yourself loose from the 9-to-5 — or if you’re looking for a road map after getting pushed out of a job — you should grab the report ASAP right here.

When’s the right time to call it quits?

quitter1-e1441787750751Some people just don’t know when to give up.

Like my neighbors who still have a faded and tattered Bernie Sanders sign planted in their front lawn.

Or the numbskulls who thought a third “Bridget Jones” movie — or even a “Blair Witch” reboot — was a smart idea.

There are definitely times to admit defeat. Call it quits. Move on to the next Big Thing.

On the other hand, some people give up too soon.

Worse yet, most of ’em never get started at all.

Like my pal Tod, who’s always talking about “retiring” and becoming his own boss.

He’s talked about it for years, but he grinds on and on unhappily at his corporate desk job.

He’s rattled off all the excuses to me.

“My family needs my company’s health bennies.”

“I’ve gotta get my kids through college first.”

“My wife says she’ll feel insecure if I don’t have a fulltime job.”

Yada, yada, yada.

What all the excuses really add up to is fear. And the biggest and most common source of fear is not having a plan.

Wanna jump off the ol’ 9-to-5 treadmill?

Wanna start your own business?

Don’t do anything until you have a plan.

Lucky for you, you can get hold of a terrific one real easy.

Download it from here…

Split-Second Solopreneur

Slinging F-bombs for fun and profit

kristenstewarthandcoveringmouthacceptancespeech-825x496People sling around motivational quotes via social media so frequently that they tend to lose whatever impact they might have.

But here’s a great quote from the late author Marilyn Ferguson. It’s simple and really deserves your attention. Get ready…

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every Fear is a Freedom.”

Fear and Freedom.

Two F-words — one bad, one good.

A great message: do what you fear and you’ll find liberation.

Ever notice that when you do something uncomfortable or scary, that’s when real magic happens?

Here’s a third F-word — another good one, I think:


Freelancing is a means to a more flexible, free life. And here’s the neat thing…

Freelancers are just about anything they wanna be — writers, photographers, bookkeepers, tutors, chefs, landscapers, events planners, and massage therapists.

I know of others who are telemarketers, data processors, interior designers, and illustrators.

Whatever your skill, you can move out of the restrictive 9-to-5 job factory and into an adaptable freelance lifestyle.

Problem is, going out on your own can be scary.

But it doesn’t need to be.

I’ve hammered together a fast-and-furious report designed to help you create your own freedom as quickly as possible.

Full disclosure: It ain’t a get-rich-quick system or shortcut to success. But it offers a ton of great advice on how to size up your strengths and weaknesses and generate enough self-confidence to get rolling. But the work’ll all be done by you.

You’ll want to grab a copy of the report right here…

Split-Second Solopreneur

So what’s keeping YOU from jumping off the ol’ treadmill?

Catching farts in a windsock

windsockLast week, the California Legislature approved regulations on cow flatulence and manure.

You know, you just can’t make up, uh, shit like this.

Anyway, the state of California says that cow farts and cow doody release greenhouse gases.

That’s a big no-no, cuz those gases have a HUGE influence on the climate. Or they might. Or whatever.

The bozo behind this piece of regulatory silliness is Democratic Senator Ricardo Lara. By the year 2030, he wants to reduce methane emissions from cows to 40 percent below 2013 levels.

How will this be done?

Not sure.

Maybe cow-gas can be cut back with oversized corks, inserted carefully [description redacted].

Or maybe cow emissions can be captured in giant windsocks and then, along with payloads of cow pies, be rocketed into outer space.

Or all that crap could be buried out near Bakersfield.

Hey, what a legacy Senator Lara’s gonna have — “Curtailer of Cowshit.”

But maybe you aspire to crafting a more worthy legacy for yourself.

Maybe you dream of building homes for the homeless.

Or doing missionary work overseas.

Or maybe your legacy will be a small business venture, created from your own brainpower and effort.

Whatever it is, please aim for something beyond manure maintenance.