How sunshine can eff you up

There are a lotta goofy-as-fugk cults out there these days, from Safe Spacism, to Trumpism, to Discordianism.

Any one of those might screw with your head. They probably won’t kill you, though.

But it looks like something called Breatharianism can.

People in Switzerland, Germany, Britain, and Australia have reportedly dropped dead from starvation because they followed its “spiritual” teachings, which involved giving up food and water and trying to exist on nothing but sunlight.

It seems Breatharians think the energy saved on digesting food and drink can be turned into physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Yeah, riiiiiight.

The “fasts” seem to last about 21 days before the most diligent practitioners drop dead.

The practice is detailed in a documentary film called “In the Beginning, There Was Light.” It features an Indian guru who claims to not have eaten anything in 70 years.

Sounds like bunk to me.

Just like most of the crap you hear from a lot of so-called business gurus.

They say you can launch your own business with no investment at all.

They say you can “cut and paste” your way to success.

They say you can sit on the beaches of the world and lift nary a finger to make money roll in.

That stuff won’t kill you, but it’ll waste your time and money if you pursue it.

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