The Mantra of the Ignorant and Doomed

Over a cup of coffee this morning, I read a short story by Joe Lansdale, one of my favorite authors and a master of East Texas Noir.

In the course of the yarn, one of Lansdale’s characters, a good ol’ boy named Hap, reveals what he calls The Mantra of the Ignorant and Doomed.

Here it is…

“I don’t know.”

You hear that mantra a lot from punk kids if you ask why they waste precious weekends drunk and spray painting shit on highway signs.

You hear it from young women when you ask why they keep dating the same dickweeds again and again, despite the abuse.

Worse yet, you hear “I don’t know” from a lot of folks when you ask why they suffer in jobs they hate when it’s really unnecessary.

There’s an escape hatch from lousy jobs, you know.

I’ve cranked out a short, pithy report about that escape hatch and how to best take advantage of it.

Quit reciting the Mantra of the Ignorant and Doomed and download the report from here…

Split-Second Solopreneur

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