I hate asshats who slurp spaghetti

The hosts of my favorite movie review podcast discussed theater etiquette last week. More specifically, they talked about what foods are inappropriate to eat during a show.

Seems a listener’s girlfriend had smuggled a plastic baggie filled with spaghetti and meatballs into a theater.

Was she wrong?

That seems like a no-brainer to me.

Of COURSE, she was wrong!

First, think of the poor kid who has to figger out how to scrub marinara off the theater floor between shows.

Second, who the hell wants to hear the sound of an asshat slurping spaghetti while they’re trying to enjoy “Atomic Blonde”?

Third, there are certain smells you expect in a movie theater — like, say, popcorn. The smell of spaghetti and meatballs ain’t one of them.

There are right ways and wrong ways of doing just about anything. Even eating in a movie theater.

And, naturally, there are right and wrong ways of launching your own freelance business.

I happened to do a lot of the right things right out of the gate when I left my corporate job for the world of self-employment.

But I also did a lot of the wrong things.

Stupid things.

Well, I’ve taken all the RIGHT things and stuffed ’em into a quick-to-read, down-and-dirty hotsheet.

Wanna avoid a lotta missteps in your transition from the 9-to-5 treadmill to the life of a solopreneur?

Download the hotsheet right here…

Split-Second Solopreneur

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