Hell and high water

It was a helluva weekend.

Torrential rains and high-velocity winds, with 60 mph gusts, bitchslapped us real good here on the California central coast.

Creeks that are normally dry ran at full capacity, sweeping mud and trash to the beach.

A nearby reservoir that’s been almost bone-dry for seven years rose 25 feet in three days.

On a more personal note, a big honkin’ branch from a neighbor’s cypress tree blew loose and pulverized a section of the concrete block wall in our backyard. Some patio furniture was crushed beyond recognition, but fortunately, Deb’s recently-planted tulips survived.

A neighbor wasn’t so lucky. A eucalyptus tree crashed clear through his roof.

At one point on Saturday, we lost electricity for 12 hours. Friends were without power for upwards of 55 hours.

Yeah, even though it’s been nice to finally see rain this winter after so many years of drought, I’m pretty well done with it.

Enough’s enough.

But I know that weather is something I can’t control.

It’s always gonna do its own thing, whether I’m shaking my fist at stormclouds or not.

On the other hand, there are things we CAN control.

Like properly steering our businesses.

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Split-Second Solopreneur

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