How Rhinos Celebrate Their Birthdays

Today’s my friend Scott Alexander’s birthday.

Scott’s the author of the popular Rhinoceros Success books. And you might recall my high-energy interview with him.

So how does a rhino celebrate his birthday?

Well, Scott took his camper van and charged into the 116-degree Arizona desert last week with his boys. And, not surprisingly, he returned with an inspirational story. But I’ll let Scott tell it.

“We found the most beautiful desert landscape I have ever seen,” he says. “It had everything I love — boulders, cactus, agaves, yuccas, lots of lizards, snakes and miles of dirt paths to explore.

“At one point in our exploration, we came to a sandy river wash in the VW van. Hmmm…that sand looks kinda deep, I thought, as I came to the edge of the wash. Slowly and cautiously, I started to drive across. “Slowly and cautiously” was my mistake. The back wheels started spinning and the van sunk into the sand.

“Yikes! No phone cell reception to call AAA. We tried digging it out, but that only made it deeper. As we started to gather sticks to put under the wheels, I found a board out in the sandy river. This is why I believe in God. Miracles happen! We broke the board into four strips and set them under the wheels as we made our way to the other side.

“On the way back, instead of approaching with caution, I got into 2nd gear and sped across the sand, making it with no problem.

“Sometimes, proceeding with caution is not the right way to approach something — like a goal, a dream or life. Rhinos charge full speed ahead and things move out of the way. I must admit that I am embarrassed about my initial hesitation on crossing the sand. I was acting like a cow. But I learned my lesson and I got a blog post out of it.

“If you are trying to get somewhere, if you want to accomplish something, if you want to make a change, go full speed ahead! Be a charging, snorting rhinoceros! Well, the snorting is optional, but I recommend it.”

Shame on me. It’s Scott’s birthday, and I’ve let him do all the heavy lifting today.

Hell, the least I can do is offer a couple of celebratory rhino jokes. Here’s one…

What should you do if a rhino charges you?

Pay him!

One more and I’m outta here.

What do you do to a rhino with three balls?

Walk him and pitch to the elephant!

Sorry. I’ll catch ya later.

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