Keep Your Job and Live More Independently

OK, I’m the guy dedicated to “smashing wage slavery one job at a time.”

I spent enough years in the 9-to-5 job culture to really hate it.

A lot.

And in my “perfect world,” we’d all be free agents, doing our own thing.

But I still get asked, “Isn’t there a middle ground between the sense of security a job gives you and the anxiety of freelancing in your own small business?”

A short while back, I might have said no.

Then a fella named Sean Ogle caught my attention.

Like me, Sean spent time chained to a desk working for somebody else. Also like me, he learned he had a distain for ties. So he did a personal 180-degree turn, dumped his job, and now pursues a life of entrepreneurship and travel.

But before he totally abandoned his slot as an analyst for the investment firm he worked for, Sean pitched a very cool idea to his bosses.

Maybe it’ll work for you.

It’s called The Remote Work Agreement.

It a nutshell, Sean proposed to his company that they cut his salary in half and allow him to work remotely — by computer and phone — from a much cheaper (and tropical) location outside the U.S.

Radical idea? Sure it is. In fact, it was a bit too radical for Sean’s employers, and they turned him down.

But I think it could be a great strategy if you want to keep your day job and still have more freedom and independence.

Why not find out more and think it over?

Here are two free resources:

1. Sign up for Sean’s email list at and get immediate access to his free podcast on “How to Craft the Perfect Remote Work Agreement.”

2. Download and listen to a free interview with Sean at

Sean and I don’t know each other — yet, anyway. But I think the ideas offered in these two no-cost recordings are valuable.

Lemme know what you think.

P.S. If you need some rhinoceros determination and courage to get you started on developing your own remote work agreement, charge on over to

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