Why Not Refuse to Be Afraid?

On Halloween, it’s OK to be scared.

Heck, I even started early this year.

I’ve already watched the new Blu-ray release of The Exorcist. (Still the most terrifying pants-soiling movie ever.)

Re-Animator is on the DVD player for tonight. (Still the funniest pants-soiling movie ever.)

And of course I’m deep into the fifth season of Dexter.

This week before All Hallows Eve is a great time for the fun scary stuff.

But what about the not-so-fun scary stuff? You know, like the fears that keep you from making important life or career decisions.

This week, I thought I’d call my favorite fear specialist to discuss the hobgoblins that block our pursuit of goals and dreams. Warren Bluhm is the author of a new book titled Refuse To Be Afraid, and for about an hour, he and I chatted about…

— How we talk ourselves into fear and self-doubt.

— Three steps you must take to banish the fear habit.

— How politicians and bureaucrats shamelessly use fear to manipulate and de-motivate us.

— How falling off a cliff in Vermont finally squashed Warren’s fear of falling off cliffs.

— How “procrastination” is actually just another word for fear.

— How to quickly turn fear into creative energy.

— How friends shouldn’t let friends drown in the “quotidian.” (You’re probably knee-deep in the goddamn quotidian right now!)

— How 1960s singer-songwriter Barry McGuire (“Eve of Destruction”) inspired Warren to overcome his own fear of songwriting.

— What to do when fear becomes your “comfort zone” and immobilizes you.

— How Warren (ironically) had to crush fear to write his anti-fear manifesto Refuse To Be Afraid.

I recorded the whole conversation, and the audio is a free download — no opt-in, nuttin’ required.

You’ll find it right here…

Refuse to be Afraid (45:56 — 7.88 MB)

Go ahead and listen. Enjoy. Then have yourself a great Halloween.

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